Currencies and credit cards in Nepal

Nepal uses the Nepalese rupee (NPR) as its national currency. Things to remember about credit cards and local currency in Nepal are as follows.

  • In Nepal, cash is king, and it is the preferred means of payment everywhere from street vendors to major department stores. If you will be traveling to a more remote area or a smaller town, it is recommended that you always have some cash on hand.
  • Most major international debit and credit cards are accepted at ATMs in major cities and popular tourist destinations, however before making any international purchases, you should inquire with your bank about any costs or charge they may require for such transactions.
  • Credit cards: Most large hotels, restaurants, and stores accept credit cards, making it convenient for tourists. Though credit cards are convenient, having cash on hand is always a safe option.
  • Foreign currency can be exchanged for Nepali rupees at authorized exchange offices and banks in Nepal. Remember that the exchange rate can change based on the bank or exchange you choose.