What is Moon Himalaya Adventure Pvt. Ltd?

Moon Himalaya adventure is a registered trekking company in Nepal which aims in showcasing the breathtaking landscape of Nepal with warm hospitality to provide a lifetime of experience. Know more About Moon Himalaya Adventure

Why with Moon Himalaya Adventure Pvt. Ltd.?

Moon Himalaya Adventure is a registered company under sub-section(1) of section 5 of the Companies Act, 2006 with a registration number 306133/079/080 and holds a license number 3100/079 from Valley Tourism Office. Find 12 valid reasons to trek with Moon Himalaya Adventure. 

How to make an inquiry at Moon Himalaya Adventure Pvt. Ltd. ?

You can simply fill the required information in inquiry form  and send it. After that our team will get back to you.

Are the itineraries that has been published on website fixed or can be customized?

The itineraries can be customized according to your requirements.

Is acclimatization important when trekking with Moon Himalaya Adventure Pvt. Ltd. ?

Our first priority at Moon Himalaya Adventure is client's safety so acclimatization is must when you trek in high altitude. 

Which currency is used in Nepal?

Nepal uses the Nepalese rupee (NPR) as its national currency. Know more about Currencies and credit uses in Nepal

Is permit necessary to trek in Nepal?

Yes, you can only trek around in Nepal by taking necessary trekking permits from authorized departments. Know more about Permits in Nepal

Can I trek individually?

From 1st April, 2023 Free Individual Traveler (FIT) is not allowed to trek in Nepal. It is compulsory to hire a guide to trek in Nepal.