Why Moon Himalaya Adventure?

Trustworthy company

Moon Himalaya Adventure is a registered company under sub-section(1) of section 5 of the Companies Act, 2006 with a registration number 306133/079/080 and holds a license number 3100/079 from Valley Tourism Office . Nepal Rastra Bank the central Bank of Nepal has authorized the company to receive payments in foreign currency. We adhere to the laws that the government has passed and firmly oppose any unlawful activity that may take place there.


The teams here at Moon Himalaya Adventure have years and years of experience in trekking and climbing in Nepal’s Himalaya. Our team can adopt themselves as a clients need. Due to long experience in this field our team sets up everything prior to the trip so that there won’t be any hassle on the trip.

Skillful Guide

The guides at Moon Himalaya Adventure are well trained and experienced. Every year refreshment course is conducted for guide to update the skills of our guides.

Safety first

Safety of our client is our first priority and no matter what, we will never compromise the safety of our guests.

Value for Money

At Moon Himalaya Adventure you can freely spend on your trip as we provide best quality service along with giving you the best lifetime of experience.

Customized Itineraries

Though we have posted sets of itinerary of different places it can be customized according to your choice, your availability and your need.

First aid kit

The team at Moon Himalaya Adventure are all trained with first aid training. On every trip the team will have first aid kit in case of medical emergencies.


Before leaving for trip, the team of Moon Himalaya Adventure will briefly explain about the trip. The do’s and don’ts during the trip will be explained briefly. Our team will also check your gears required during the trip. You will also be provided with short training regarding bag packs and the use of technical gears if required.

Green tourism

Moon Himalaya Adventure is strictly based on green tourism. Tourism exists because of the majestic environment and as a tourism business operator Moon Himalaya Adventure will always be there to protect the environment. The food or any items used by our team that needs to be disposed properly is brought back and disposed.

Socially Responsible 

Moon Himalaya Adventure, not only runs for profit, but also donate a portion of our earnings to the Bomzan Social Service in Nepal. The profit from the treks and expedition are forwarded into the Bomzan Social Service Nepal. In the remote region of Solukhumbu, the organization focuses its support on orphans, underprivileged children and indigenous people. Every year, about 300 underprivileged students are provided with new school uniforms, school bag, stationery items and sports materials. The foundation aims in helping the students to motivate and inspire them in their education.

No Hidden costs 

Our Itineraries are transparent and there are no a+dditional cost or other expenses with any of our packages. (Extra fees will only be incurred if the trip is disrupted for reasons beyond our control, such as bad weather, or natural hazards).

Easy and fast booking

You can easily book any trip through online at Moon Himalaya Adventures.